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Cousin is utilized for both sibling and sister. Thus, it prompts disarray except if determined, and it needs an additional word/words. To dodge this, cousin sibling (moreover, cousin sister) can be utilized.

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‘Cousin sibling’ (in like manner, cousin sister) is broadly utilized in Andhra Pradesh and different conditions of India. Models: My cousin sibling lives in the UK. Her cousin sibling has brought her a present. His cousin sibling is wiped out.
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31 Wonderful COUSINS Statements ON FAMILY AND Companionship

June 26, 2017
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Regardless of how close or removed our relationship is to our cousins, despite everything we consider affectionately them and love to get together to share some interesting or humiliating family recollections of our adolescence. The fellowship we create with our cousins is extraordinary in light of the fact that it is attached to family and affectionate.
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Look at these cousins statements to enable you to comprehend the adoring relationship for your cousins.

Cousins are companions that will love you until the end of time. – constance richards

Cousins are companions that will love you for eternity.


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Having cousins is a genuine gift since they are closest companions, yet in addition part of the family, which makes it twice as enjoyable to rejoin and hobnob. Dissimilar to companions that go back and forth for the duration of our lives, cousins are there to remain for eternity.

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